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Decoration Processes

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Screen Print

Also know as Silk Screen, this process is used on high quantity prints. Screen printing requires that a "Screen" be made for each color so this is not recommended for less than 20 prints on one color items and 50 for multiple color items.

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Direct to Garment (DTG)

This allows for the garment to pass through a specially designed printer that also prints white. It is best for low quantity (less than 20), full color prints. It has a topical (rides on top of the fabric) feel to it. Works on Cotton Blends, Dark fabrics and more.

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We use commercial embroidery machines to embroider your design into the fabric of the garment that you choose. It is best used for Polos, Jackets, Workwear, Blankets and other Special goods. We do not recommend  embroidery on light fabrics such as Tee shirts.

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Sublimation is a high quality dye print that is then heat transfered into the fabric.

This process only works on light colored 100% polyester fabric and  specially treated hard goods such as coffee mugs and other keepsakes.

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Heat Transfer Vinyl

A specially formulated Vinyl that is used by many Professional Sports for Lettering.This process is used for 1 to 3 color low quantity  prints. Can be used on most fabrics.

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Laser Engraving

From Insulated Tumblers to Fabric. Laser Engraving brings a quality image.

We offer many options or ask if we can engrave your item.

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